Rachel Davies.
Artist and Filmmaker.

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Selected works.

The Assembly.
30 minute music/film installation based on the artist's memory of singing in the Manchester Girls Choir in the early eighties. Cornerhouse Gallery 3, Manchester July – Sept 07,
Sadlers Wells Lilian Baylis Nov 07
Single-screen version funded by ACE, currently in distribution.
A Time And A Place.
Solo retrospective exhibition of films, incorporating site-specific performance / video piece based on a journey in suburbia, and limited-edition publication / DVD ‘Ten Wasted Years’
Reviewed in Leonardo Digital Reviews, Dance Theatre Journal.
10 min music-based dance film about female teenage experience, adrenaline, attitude and skill through the eyes of budding Olympic gymnasts in a London suburb.
IMZ 2005 Grand Prix Dance Screen Award, screened at over 30 international film festivals.
We Got Old.
10 min film shot in UK and Hong Kong, with choreographer Annie pui ling Lok.

So We Went Dancing.
Short video - found footage and actuality voice, evoke a romantic time in the life of a very old woman.

Hong Kong To Hull.
Split-screen journey constructed from camcorder footage of Davies’s overland journey from Hong Kong to Hull, winter 1992. Bonington Gallery 99. Brighton Media Centre Dec 00

Short experimental 16mm drama with animation, charting a young Northern woman’s experience of unemployment and alienation in London, and an encounter that causes a transformation of mood.


Love Letter.
Short 16mm animation / live-action film-poem - a girl embarks on a journey. British Short Film Festival 95

Room To Dream.
10 minute Live-action / animation surreal 16mm short about perceptions of home and identity.
London Film Festival 91. Angel Row Gallery Artist-in-residence 91. Ikon Gallery Touring’ 91.