Rachel Davies.
Artist and Filmmaker.

+44 (0) 7957 186961.

Films and video pieces.
Projection in live performance.
_The Assembly.
_London Orbital.
_A Time And A Place.
TV programmes.
Promos and titles.
Research and development.
Pictures and travel.
London Orbital. 2006.

Stanley Picker Gallery, Kingston University, London. 13th - 24th June 2006.

Within the orbit of Greater London, Kingston University's satellite location affords it both the close proximity of vibrant city-life and the tranquility of its immediate suburban environment. London Orbital comprises a network of leading practitioners whose own professional orbits bring them to Kingston University from cities as near and far as London, Manchester, New York and Tokyo.

As lecturers, research fellows, phd students and visiting professors they contribute to the Faculty of Art, Design and Architecture's strong reputation for visual, material and spatial research practice. Mapping forms of contact between people, material and place their diverse practices are informed by and engaged with patterns of behaviour in city-life, from public transport and cafe-culture, to domesticity and art-world etiquette.