Rachel Davies.
Artist and Filmmaker.

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_Art Of Travel.
_All The People I Have Met.
_Do You Want This Once Again.
_24 Acts Of Arson.
_Dithering Heights.
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All The People I Have Met.

Two videos projected as part of innovative theatre production, based around two Hoxton community members, 12 year-old Zhara and 80 year-old Peter.

The stories of ten individuals’ journeys to the theatre are captured on video and projected on screen, a doorway through which they then arrive ‘live’ on stage. Here they interrupt and link to their screened image, exploring the assumptions and values revealed in either world.

'Their special gift appears to be an ability to lure us into their world and hold us there, charmed, touched and rapt'
Donald Hutera.

Hoxton Hall 24 April – 11 May 2003.