Rachel Davies.
Artist and Filmmaker.

+44 (0) 7957 186961.

Films and video pieces.
Projection in live performance.
_The Light Garden.
_Balancing Acts.
_How To Catch A Star.
_Dear Body.
_Lap Of The Dogs.
_Art Of Travel.
_All The People I Have Met.
_Do You Want This Once Again.
_24 Acts Of Arson.
_Dithering Heights.
TV programmes.
Promos and titles.
Research and development.
Pictures and travel.
Do You Want This Once Again.

A2 explore the concept of time and waste as were increasingly revere what is best, new and young. Employing the help of senior citizen Jean, they create a series of emotional and thought provoking sequences, through which our feelings and fears at being part of modern society come under the microscope.

'Astonishingly risky and intelligent! Here comes A2 to blow you out of your cerebral chair'.
Resolution 2002.

London International Mime Festival. ICA 13-15 Jan 03