Rachel Davies.
Artist and Filmmaker.

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A Prophesy.
1998. 3 1/2 mins. BetaSP.

Collaboration with performance poet Christopher Twigg.

Interpretation of some of his poems and songs - defiantly eccentric and generous, an engaging mix of apparent naivety and sophistication.

Produced by Wark Clements.

A Prophecy
We'll roam the land and sing a native song
On the footpaths of the Countryside Commission
And the National Trust
When farm animals have escaped
And the banks have gone bust
And we have word processors
But nothing to plug them into
So we dump them in the skips
Somewhere along the Northumberland-Scotland border
In those days a curse will be a curse
A confession will be a confession
And all around will be the music
Of original blessing

'Litpop' series, Channel 4, October 1998.
‘Word about Town’ poetry film festival competition finalist 2002.