Rachel Davies.
Artist and Filmmaker.

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Loose In Flight.
1999. 3 mins. BetaSP.

Collaboration with award-winning contemporary dancer Akram Khan. Interpretation of stage piece for screen, in which Khan uses Kathak as the structural base continuously attempting to break out into lyrical passages of contemporary action. I chose to extend these themes graphically, creating an animated urban surrounding landscape.

Produced by Wark Clements.

'Per4mance' series, August 1999, 7.55pm, Channel 4.
South Bank Show, BBC October 02.
'No Male Egos', Purcell Room, Royal Festival Hall, London, Sept 1999.
'Dance on Screen' festival, Nov 1999. Nominated for competition.
Akram Khan solo show. Lilian Baylis Theatre, London, Oct 2000.
'Dance Film Forum', Chisenhale Dance Space, Jan 2001.
Touring with British Council in '100 years of British Dance on Screen' compilation, to international film festivals in 2001.