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Tales Of The Expected.
2000. 6 x 6 mins. BetaSP.

Series of six 5-minute television programmes combining fly-on-the-wall documentary with animation / graphics and constructed / dramatised elements, to interest a 16-25 yr audience in mathematics and its unexpected uses in everyday life, featuring exciting characters and activities ranging from banger-racing and body-building to dj-ing. Fast-paced and visual programmes advertise a series of teaching booklets and OU courses, and to interest a young audience generally in mathematics.

Repeated numerous times on primetime Saturday morning BBC, they achieved the highest viewing figures for Open University programmes around that time.

1. Coders.
A hip-hop musician makes music on her home computer; exploring ideas of codes and ciphers : We encounter supermarket bar codes, post office workers, hi-fi salesmen, and mobile phones.

2. Builders.
Bristolian body builders are fixing up their new gymnasium; exploring ideas of ratio and proportion : We encounter architects, clothes shoppers, drawing students and muscle!

3. Chancers.
Down at the dogs: Three girls on a night out with high expectations; exploring ideas of chance and probability: Encountering computer dating, lottery betting, restauranteurs and romance along the way.

4. Riders.
A speedy motorbike courier takes us along his high octane route across London to the Thames Barrier; exploring ideas of flow along the way: Encountering postmen, bus ‘bunching’, timetables and lost tourists.

5. Shakers.
A female rookie banger-racer competes at the Northampton Raceway; exploring ideas of vibration and sound. We encounter a young DJ, rattly van-drivers, a car stereo salesmen and dodgy bridges!

6. Stackers.
A young Glaswegian couple move house; exploring ideas of scale and space and
stacking of 2D and 3D objects : On their journey we encounter market stall owners, flat-pack furniture buyers, and football!

2000 - Repeated numerous times on primetime Saturday morning BBC.