Rachel Davies.
Artist and Filmmaker.

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To My Feet.
1998. 3 1/2 mins. BetaSP.

Collaboration with performance poet Christopher Twigg.

Interpretation of some of his poems and songs - defiantly eccentric and generous, an engaging mix of apparent naivety and sophistication.

Produced by Wark Clements.

On the Piccadilly Line
Sometimes I mistake bare arms for babies
And sleepers on the tube
For people who are really asleep
Sometimes I visit cottages
Blackberries and brambles in the mire
But you will never catch me
With a punk haircut
And junkie's red eyes
Reading Rene Descartes
On the way home from work

'Litpop' series, Channel 4, October 1998.
‘Word about Town’ poetry film festival competition finalist 2002.